Justifying A Warrior Princess

Chosing skills for Xena are kind of tricky, as is assigning them values. Like a lot of cinematic heroes, she seems to be good at just about everything. The skills I selected for her are ones believe she's used on the show at different points, though in some cases this may be my imagination. That high medicine skill is not a mistake though; she served as the inspiration for Hipprocates himseIf.

The fu schticks were chosen in a similar fashion, although with a bit more confidence on my part. Still, there are some that I only suspect Xena's used, while others are listed because, even though I've never seen her use them, they're prerequisites to schticks that I’ve seen her use. The one's I'm positive on are signature weapon, prodigous leap, flying windmill kick, loyal steel, torrent of fury, point blockage, and flow restoration.

The throat strike Xena uses on subdued foes to intimidate them into giving up information is actually point blockage applied to the throat. Normally, this schtick doesn't work this way in  combat, but whenever Xena uses it, it's always against a defeated, non-dodging opponent, and so it seems feasible to me. The death touch is actually one aspect of an accupressure healing technique, taught to her by a mysterious girl named M'Lila in the episode "Destiny," and so it fits in nicely with the Fu Path.

Yes, Xena is a sorcerer, if only one who's learning. She was tutored by a woman named Lao Ma (who according to the show, is the true author of the Tao Te Ching) from the land of Ch'in to, essentially, release her inner chi abilities. In the two part episode "The Debt" (which was half-flashback, half-current), we saw her use this ability to levitate, unlock manacles around her wrists, and move objects telekinetically - all of which fall under the Movement schtick. However, it was later revealed that Xena can only tap into this power at moments of perfect inner balance, or something like that (to be honest, I forgot the exact explanation given by the show).

In the two part episode "Adventures in the Sin Trade" Xena was shown to know the ritual of Astral travel. This was taught to her by the witch Alti, whom she later defeated in Astral Travel. There are no rules for this in Feng Shui, but it sure seems like a sorcery schtick to me.

Xena's chakram is not only a signature weapon, but it appears to be a unique artifact as well. It can break other weapons made with the metal of Hephaestus, and it later serves as the key to the "Eye of Hephaestus," which is the lock to Ares' Tomb. The chakram is broken by Callisto at the end of the 4th season, who uses it to break Xena's spine. This, I would say, is a dramatically appropriate means for the destruction of a signature weapon.

Other than Gabrielle, Xena’s longest and most trusted companion is her horse, Argo. Argo is trained to come to her when she whistles, and he tends to rather unfriendly when dealing with people other than Xena.

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