In a time of ancient Gods, Warlords, and Kings... 

A land in turmoil cried out for a hero... 

She was Xena, a mighty princess forged in the heat of battle... 

The Power... The Passion... The Danger... 

Her courage will change the world! 

Warrior Princess (ex-special forces)   

Bod 9, Chi 0 (Fu 8), Mnd 6 (Wil 9, Cha 8), Ref  

Fix-It 10, Guns 10, Info/Ancient Greece & Asia Minor 12, Info/Strategy & Tactics 14, Intrusion 12, Leadership 16, Martial Arts 17, Medicine 14, Riding 12,  Sabotage 12, Seduction 12, Sorcery 10  

Fu Schticks: Signature Weapon (Chakram), Prodigious Leap, Flying Windmill Kick, Abundant Leap, Flying Sword, Loyal Steel, Vertical Charge, Gathering of the Clouds, Awesome Downpour, Rain of Fury, Torrent of Fury, Flow Restoration, Corners of the Mouth, Healing Chi, Point Blockage  

Sorcery Schticks: Movement,  Astral Travel.  

Unique Sorcery Schtick:Astral Travel. By use of this schtick (involving a complex ritual), Xena's spirit can leave her body and travel into a plane of existence between the real world and the afterlife which, to make things simple, I've called the astral plane. While in this state Xena can interact with spirits and other astral travelers. She can also engage in astral combat, and foes who are killed in astral combat die in real life as well.  

Unique Schtick: Sixth Sense - Xena has the ability to determine wheher a god is  within close proximity (normally, gods are undetectable by mortals unless they choose to manifest themselves). She also has demonstrated the ability to sense if her associate Gabrielle is nearby. 

Unique Schtick: Demi-Goddess: There is a strong possibility that Ares, the god of war is Xena’s father. To prove this hypothesis, Xena once challenged Ares to a duel and did in fact beat him. Despite this, it has never been definitively proven that Xena is Ares’ daughter. 

Sword (13), Chakram (15 [STR + 3 damage, +3 for being her sig. weapon]), Whip (5 [STR/2 damage, can entangle or disarm as a standard stunt]).  

Wealth Level: Poor

The XenaScrolls:  
a backstory worthy of a Warrior Princess
or "How do you justify a Warrior Princess?"

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