Live and Leave Dead   
After having wiped away the tears of joy from hearing the Moby produced version of the James Bond theme, and finding a copy today of O.F. Snellings "007 James Bond: A Report," I figured it was time to give you James the Doug way... as a starting character, with the names changed to protect the guilty.  And, this might be a nice way to drop the big "B" himself into the secret war, as I include one of my favorite nemesis' from the movies and the novels with a decidedly different twist.

Lance Shane 

Quote: <Crashes through a skylight in his tuxedo, glass flying everywhere, hanging onto a hooded paratrooper in a parachute, kicking the teeth out of a second parachute wearing foe.  Lands and snaps the neck of the man he was riding as he flips up and crushes the skull of the man he'd kicked the teeth out of, then dives to the ground, pulling a winsome young woman out of the way as a third man opens fire with a submachine gun instants before his body is riddled with .25 caliber slugs from his Jetfire.  Then turns and smiles to the shaking young woman and purrs in a faintly Scottish brogue:> Shane.  Lance Shane.  Pleasure to meet you.  

Bod: 7 Chi: 0 (For 6) Mnd: 8 Ref: 

Deceit: 15, Driving: 9, Fix-It: 10, Gambling: 8, Guns: 13, Info/Diving: 9, Info/Fashion: 14, Info/Food and Drink: 14, Info/Politics: 12, Intrusion: 12, Martial Arts: 13 

Signature Weapon: Beretta Jetfire 

Passive Dodge: 13, Active Dodge: 16 

Punch: 8, Kick: 9, Beretta Jetfire (S) 11/1/8+1, 
Beretta Centurion 13/2/15+1, Beretta 1201 
Riot 13/5/6 


Lance Shane, a member of Her Majesty's Secret Service, had thought he'd seen everything.  He'd battled demented Nazis and Voodoo powered gangsters, kept London from being destroyed by a rocket, and retrieved a nuclear arsenal from a shadowy and dangerous secret government.  He'd thought he'd seen it all, until the day that psychotic from the Eaters of the Lotus decided to pick up where the Big Man left off in the elimination of our favorite Scottish secret agent... 

Magic Cop (gone really, really bad). 
<Shane slips up behind a figure and blows its head off with his Colt Anaconda.  As the body tumbles to the floor, the lights come on, Grande standing there, smiling as a half dozen Jamaicans and four hungry looking zombies surround him.>  
Grande: What did you expect, Shane?  
Shane: I expected you to die.  
Grande: <grins even wider> Very, very foolish of you Mr. Shane!  KILL HIM! 
Bod:6, Chi:2 (Mag:8), Mnd:8, Ref: 

Deceit:12, Guns:13, Info/Occult:15, Info/Drug Dealing: 10, Police:13, Martial Arts:12, Sorcery:12 

Both Guns Blazing, Hair Trigger Neck Hairs, Summoning, (plus True Form), Heal, Divinity, Influence  

Passive Dodge: 13, Active Dodge: 16  

Punch: 7, Kick: 8, Colt 1911 x2 10/2/7+1, Uzi 10/3/30+1, Zombie Mooks, Jamaican Posse Mooks. (Detailed after background.)  

The Eaters of the Lotus have far, far more than simple monsters and sorcerers on their side.  There are people supportive of a Arcane Theocracy, presided over by the dark priests of the Lotus.  Among these, in the Modern Juncture, is one man, named Grande. Skilled at various means of killing people by magicks, firepower and his own hands, he has risen through the ranks of the Kingston Posse through blood, thunder and the occasional zombie assault. Now, in a position of power, he has one more obstacle to his goal of unleashing the power of the Lotus throughout the Americas.  The man who murdered his brother, Lance Shane. Poor Mr. Shane.
Zombie Mooks  

"... mmmmeeeeeaaaaaaaaaat!"  

Bod:9 (Mov:4), Chi:0, Mnd:2, Ref: 

Martial Arts:6, Detective: 8 (Invariably know where to find their prey... most especially the PC's) 


Punch: 10, Machete: 13 (only 1 in four Zombies have these... but BE CAREFULL!)
To signify how tough it really is to kill the living dead, they are immune to the modifiers of assault rifles.  AR's do not receive bonuses to killing the zombies, as head shots are specifically required
Jamaican Posse Killers  


Bod:6, Chi:0, Mnd:5, Ref: 
Guns:9, Martial Arts:7
Punch:(7), Browning Hi-Power (10/2/13+1), AK-47 (13*/5/30) or Winchester Shotgun (13/5/8)  

The Posse are some of the hardest and meanest goons around, and should give the heroes a bit more trouble.

Finally, we all know Bond and Solitare boinked.  And, with an evil grin, I introduce the demon spawn who could have come from the coupling of Bond and a telepath, and given access to some world class training. The Magic Cop had some good luck, and access to Solitare's diviniation powers. Plus, with a guns and martial arts skill just below Pops', you just have to know that this kid's gonna kick arse...
Solo (Sean MacInnes)  
Magic Cop 

<Draws both Sigmas in a blur on a mook.> FREEZE!  Chicago Police!  
<Mook's skin bursts, revealing a hideous monster beneath, tentacles being chopped to pieces by withering 9mm fire from Sean's weapons.> I don't care if you're Yog Soggoth!  I SAID YOU'RE UNDER F$%&ING ARREST! " 

Bod:6, Chi:2 (Mag:8), Mnd:7, Ref: 

Deceit: 9, Driving: 9, Guns: 13, Info/Occult: 14, Intrusion: 11, Martial Arts: 12, Police: 12, Sorcery: 12 

Divination, Summoning, Both Guns Blazing x2 

Passive Dodge:13  Active Dodge:16  

("It's like he can see the bullets before they're fired!  Incredible!" Divination can be used as a great Dodge schtick, even though this is based off guns.)  


Punch: 7, Kick: 8, Smith and Wesson Sigma x2 10/1/14+1 

Sean's last photo of  
himself & his mother,  
taken in Key West 3  
days before her  

Sean MacInnes is the son of one of the finest spies around, and the telepathic former love slave to one of that spy's most dangerous enemies. Raised by his mother, Sean soon discovered he had some quite special natural talents, growing up eventually to become teh most intuitive forensic detectective any of his superiors in the Chicago Police Department had ever seen, and then a powerful asset to the Dragons in the secret war. Upon meeting up with his father, and discovering that the man who almost was his uncle is out to deprive him of his family, he decided that the best thing to do was to help Pops slap down this fool and give him what-for.
Live and Leave Dead has always been the one James Bond fanfic I always wanted to do.  Especially after the movie, when it turned out at the end that Bond was assigned to take down Yaphet Kotto's Mr. Big by a much higher authority than M - Baron Samedi himself!  -Adaptation by Wojtowicz, Douglas P Wojtowicz

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The bone divider, blood splatter & zombie image were borrowed from Eden Studios' site for what looks to be an excellant genre game called All Flesh Must Be Eaten, and have been used without their permission.  If you want to know more about Eden Games or their game of a Zombie Apocalypse, plese follow the links associated with them.