James Bond,  
MI6 Agent 007 

As if you don't know what piece of music this is...
"The Name's Bond..  
James Bond..."
Bod 7, Chi 0 (For 10), Mnd 8 (Will 10, Per 11), Ref 9. 

Deception 16, Driving 15, Fix-It 11, Gambling 16, Guns 15, Info/Local Customs 14, Info/Science 11, Intrusion 16, Martial Arts 15, Sabotage 14, Seduction 17 

"Before I kill you, Mr Bond..." (Spy Unique Schtick), 
Hair Trigger Neck Hairs x3, 
Signature Weapons: first a Walther PPK 7.65, then a Walther P99 9mm and then finally a Ruger Super Blackhawk 

Punch (8), Kick (9), Ruger Super Blackhawk (14/3/6), Walther P99 9mm (13/1/16+1), Walther PPK 7.65 (12/1/7+1) 

Bond was briefly married once, to the daughter of the head of the Union d'Corse.  She was murdered in an attempt on his life by Ernst Stavro Blofeld and Spectre.  Bond later stumbled onto one of his operations by pure happenstance and crushed his skull like a ripe tomato with a hunk of bamboo.
A former member of Her Majesty's Royal Navy, and an orphan, James Bond's war experience attracted the attention of the head of MI6. On a tryout job, M sent Bond on a mission where he was a courier in Germany, during a time when couriers were being killed left and right. When Bond not only survived his courier mission, but killed those responsible for assassinating couriers, M immediately transferred him onto the fast track to the 00 section 

As a member of MI6's 00 section, he is one of Britain's nine deadliest operatives. He is an expert diver, a top notch driver, one of Britain's top snipers, and an ultimate option. 


Big Bruiser  


Bod:12, Chi:0, Mnd:4 (Per:6), Ref:7  

Driving 11, Intrusion 11, Martial Arts 14  

Signature Weapon: Hat  

Judo Chop (13), Kick (14),  
Thrown Hat (16) 

The chauffeur and chief enforcer of Auric Goldfinger, Oddjob was a silent, extremely powerful and agile monster of a man.  His favorite weapon was a hat with its brim reinforced with a razor sharp steel ring capable of slicing through sheer metal. 

Big Bruiser & "Cleaner"  

Bod 14, Chi 0 (For 7), Mnd 5 (Per 7, Will 10), Ref 8  

Driving 10, Intimidation 15, Intrusion 14, Martial Arts 15, 

Signature Weapon: Teeth  

 Punch (15), Kick (16), Teeth (18)  

Not much is known about this giant man with the teeth of indestructable steel. 


Criminal Mastermind  

"He disagreed with something that ate him."  

Bod 7, Chi 0 (Mag 4 ), Mnd 9, Ref 8  


Deception 15, Fix It 15, Guns 13, Info/Science 14, Intimidation 12, Intrusion 12, Leadership 14, Martial Arts 12  
Hair Trigger Neck Hairs x1 
Lightning Reload x3 

Unique Schticks:  
Mook Magnet: (as per "Seeds of the New Flesh" p15) 

Unique Limitation:  
Slave to the Cheese: (as per "Seeds of the New Flesh" p15) 

Punch (8),Kick (9) 
A member of SMERSH, Kananga nearly united all the Harlem gangs under his rule.  


For an alternate take on Bond & his opponents, 
as well as options for his son as a player character, see 
Shane... Lance Shane & Son: 
Secret Warrior spies in an alternate universe 
Adaptation by Douglas P Wojtowicz,
based on stats in Avalon Hill's  James Bond RPG  
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