In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help,  and if you can find them, maybe you can hire ...

Colonel John "Hannibal" Smith
Ex-Special Forces

" I love it when a 
plan comes together..."
BOD 6, CHI 1 (FU 4), MND 7, REF

Disguise 11, Driving 12, Guns 14, Leadership 13, Martial Arts 10, Police 13, Sabotage 11 

Schticks: Lightning Reload x3, Hair Trigger Neck Hairs x2 

Weapons:  Colt 1911A (10/2/7+1), AK-47 (13/5/30)

B.A. "Bad Attitude" Baracus

Big Bruiser ('natch!) 
"Shut Up Fool!"
BOD 11 (TGH 12), CHI 2, MND 6, REF

Driving 11, Fix It 13, Guns 12,  Intimidation 12, Martial Arts (Brawling) 13 
Schticks: Signature Van (+3 AV to Driving), Bite of the Dragon 

Weapons: AK-47 (13/5/30), Rings on fingers count as Brass Knuckles (13)

Templeton "The Faceman" Peck 
Gambler/Con Man 
"You see, the key to any con..."
BOD 6, CHI 0 (FOR 7), MND 11(CHA 11), REF

Deceit 13, Gambling 15, Guns 12, Intrusion 12, Martial Arts 10, Seduction 13, 

Fast Draw, Luck Be A Lady Tonight (once per session may reverse positive and negative die rolls on one roll.) 

AK-47 (13/5/30), Norinco Type M1911  (10/3/7+1)


H.M. "Howling Mad" Murdock 
Everyman Lunatic 
BOD 5, CHI 5, MND 7, REF

Demolitions 12, Driving (Incl all aircraft) 15, Guns 12, Martial Arts 11 
Choose +6 Skill levels every adventure to reflect his mad genius. 

Everyman Hero Improvised Weapon Schtick, The Fox's Retreat 

AK-47 (13/5/30), Various Explosive Devices, usually a lit stick of dynamite. (12-30, depending on proximity) 

Some Advice for A-Team-Styled Gaming, Gathered From the Folks on the Feng Shui Mailing List:
In the first encounter with the bad guys, they will be readily humiliated and defeated, and given a warning to get out of town. Instead of heeding this advice, it will only anger the A-Team. 

The bad guys will then find a way to capture most if not all of the team. Instead of simply shooting them, they will lock them in an area which happens to be conveniently filled with a plethora of common items that can be turned into exotic weapons, and there will be tools there, available to facilitate accomplishing this end. 

In the final encounter with the bad guys, they will be defeated with said exotic weaponary, which will often take the form of or be mounted on some kind of super-vehicle.(When you think about it this way, the A-Team should really be required viewing for anyone who wants to play a Techie.)

10 General Pointers for Running an A-Team style game: 
1)  At he beginning of every episode, you need to find a way to bust Murdock out of whatever insane asylum he is currently inhabiting. Whackiness will ensue. 
2)  Whenever travel is required via air, BA *MUST* somehow be drugged into oblivion as he is afraid of flying. It must be a different method each time as he is "no fool" and won't be fooled into being knocked out a second time in the same manner.
3)  White women, will only find "Face" attractive.  Black women will only find B.A attractive. Kooky white women will only find Mad dog attractive. There are no kooky black women
4) In every session, B.A. must demonstrate his phenomenal strength in some way, no matter how unnecessary or contrived. 
5) When someone is thrown, the camera watches them fall from underneath them. 
6) The only sure way to finally stop the bad guys is by building something bizarre from scrounged parts. Using a blowtorch. 
7) At least one car will flip over every session. 
8) No one ever dies, ever.  Victims in a 7-car pileup will always stumble out of their vehicles, choking on soot. 
9) ALL weapons are ALWAYS set to auto-fire, and tho it appears that nothing is being hit (or that all the characters have a  schtick that only allows them to fire at someones feet),  in fact, they're taking mooks down normally, just choosing not to kill them. 
10) The team will run into mooks until almost the end of the adventure, whom they will shoot at. Named Villains are never shot at. The Named Villains are thrown into cement/water/other gooey stuff, punched into submission, and/or their car is shot up and destroyed. 

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