Animated Characters
3x3 Eyes
Bubblegum Crisis
The Lupin Gang
The Transformers (link)

Television Characters
The Avengers
The A-Team
Buffy, The Vampire Slayer
Xena: Warrior Princess
In Arms
Popular Culture Characters Adapted
by Members of the Mailing List for
Book & Magazine Characters
The Able Team
Maxwell Grant's 
"The Shadow"
Robert Ludlum's
Jason Bourne
George MacDonald Fraser's
Harry Flashman
Robert B Parker's
Spenser: For Hire
Don Pendleton's 
Mack Bolan: The Executioner
Richard Stark's
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Comic Book & Comic Strip Characters
The Avengers (sort-of)
The Batman (kind-of)
Danger Girl
Eliza Cameron- Ghost
The Fantastic Four (kind-of) 
Green Arrow(s) 
Green Lantern(s) 
Mike Mignola's Hellboy
Leave it to Chance
Mike Allred's Madman 
Lee Falk's The Phantom 
Dave Steven's The Rocketeer
Erik Larson's
The Savage Dragon
Sluggy Freelance
Frank Miller's Sin City

Some Other Fun Ideas
Bell-Bottom Feng Shui
Jeet Kun Moe & The Boob:
Martial Arts in 
The Path of the Third Stooge
Conversions for other 
Role Playing Games 
CyberFengShui 2020 (link)
FUDGE for Feng Shui
GURPS Discworld  (link)
Pokemon -the CCG
Pulp Schticks from TORG
RIFTShui !!!
FENG Industries (link)
the SLA strikes back...
One take on Star Wars
-a fairly literal translation (link)
Another take on Star Wars
(that seems to be a little better ballanced)  (link)
White Wolf's 
Werewolf:The Apocalpse (link)
Another Take on White Wolf's 


Movie Casts 
& Characters
(from The Evil Dead Trilogy)
Bad Boys
Big Trouble in Little China
Bond... James Bond
Cameron Poe
(from ConAir)
The Crow 
El Mariachi
(or Desperado)
Jason Voorhees
(Friday the 13th series)
Godzilla, Gamera 
& other Daikaju: 
Giant Japanese Monsters For Feng Shui
Grosse Pointe Blank 
The Last Boyscout 
The Last Dragon
Mr Lee
(from Enter the Dragon)
Only The Strong
 Snake Plissken
Famous for Being Famous
The Spice Girls 
Martha Stewart
Hunter S Thompson 
 The Village People
Videogame Characters
Lara Croft 
 Duke Nukem
Lo Wang
High Weirdness
George Drake, Micheal Mays
Laslo Hoek & 
Larry Stimpson
Suicide Brain & Eyeless Moe

A Proud Member of



Indiana Jones & Co.
Jim West, Artimus Gordon & Dr Loveless
Kenneth Robeson's The Avenger
Kenneth Robeson's Doc Savage & his Famous Five
Matt Wagner's Grendel (Hunter Rose, Christine Spar & Argent)
Matt Wagner's Mage: The Hero's Journey
Todd MacFarlane's Spawn 
Ranma 1/2

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