Doug Wojtowicz sez: "I figure I'm a sick boy, but I might as well go all the way..."
Martha Stewart 
Everyday Heroine. 

In the bathroom, I like to keep three cups.  One for drinking, one for fresh flowers, and one to break into a make-shift shiv, to carve up an attacker's face... 

Bod: 6, Chi: 0 (For:10), Mnd: 7, Ref:

Driving: 14, Fix-It: 11, Guns: 9, Info/Cleaning: 11, Info/Commercial Work: 10,   Info/Decoration: 13, Info/Gardening: 13, Info/Housewares: 13, Martial Arts: 13, Medicine: 8 

Everyman's Luck: Fortune Dice spent do not effect Fortune rating for Fortune checks. 

This'll Do: Character gets a +1 AV for an improvised weapon. 

Unique Schtick: 
"I've always found that...": +2 AV when using any household cleaning, cooking or DIY craft equipment in a physically threatrening manner. Martha must mention that she's always  "found that <item>/s are particularly effective for <description of gruesomely brutal description of physical maiming>..."  just before or as she's doing damage with the item in question.

Passive Dodge: 13 
Active Dodge: 16 

Punch: 7,  Kick:8, Towel: 7( plus entangle), Chinaware: 7-9, Silverware: 9, Cookware: Str+3 for pots, (provides +1 to Active Parry), Str+4 for skillets. 

Adapted by Douglas P. Wojtowicz, a sick, sick man, who admits that Comedy Central's "Martha Stewart: Prison Time", commercials helped influence Martha Stewart Action Heroine (with a little help from Joe Kilmartin & Nightman) 
"I've always found that violently thrusting the meat, say, some annoying talk-show host's uevula, with plenty of juice seeping up 'round the skewer, is especially effective when preparing your kebabs..."

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