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 I just finished reading Small Vices last night.  Actually, just started reading Small Vices last night.  Read the whole thing in the space of four hours.  Nae e'en Lara Croft in Egypt could drag me screaming from this book. And, since it was brought up that Spenser, Feng Shui Style, would be most interesting, I find I must concede...

Spenser, created by Robert B. Parker.
Transformed Dragon.
Bod: 9, Chi: 8 (For:6), Mnd: 9, Ref:
Quote: I figured since I was an anathema at the college, I'd try a different approach. 
"Hello, my name's Perceval Anathema.  I'm with the IRS." 
(It was either Perceval Anathema, or Orutund Vowel, Lt. Quirk's eloqution coach.) 
Info/History: 13, Info/Literature: 11, Info/Cooking: 11, Guns: 11, Martial Arts: 13, Detective: 13, Deceit: 10, Intrusion: 10, Driving: 11 

Path of the Sharpened Scales (complete), Scuttle, Hair Trigger Neck Hairs x 2 

Passive Dodge: 13
Active Dodge: 16 
(with Breath of the Dragon: 19)
Punch: 10 (with Bite of the Dragon: 12), 
Kick: 11 (with Bite of the Dragon: 13), 
Smith and Wesson Combat Magnum: 11/2/6, Smith and Wesson Chief's Special: 9/1/5, Browning HiPower: 10/2/13+1, Mossberg Special Purpose Shotgun: 13/5/9+1 

Notes: Incredible how, with a couple extra experience points in skills and a few tweaks, Spenser comes out looking ideal.  For those who've read the Spenser novels, the big guy needs no introduction.  For those who haven't, the local library has about nine or ten of these books on hand, or the Lifetime Original movies are an excellent introduction. (The TV series, while okay, wasn't as good as the above mentioned sources.)

Why do I have the sneaking suspicion that Spenser's first name is Parker?

Hawk, created by Robert B. Parker (finely honed by Avery Brooks).
Transformed Dragon.
Quote: Hawk: "We raised Paul real good." 
Spenser: "We?"
Hawk: "Paul a dancer, right?" 
Spenser: "Yeah." 
Hawk: "Paul didn't get that rhythm from your side 
    of the family." 
 Spenser:  "Right you are..." 
(This one had me laughing out loud.) 
Bod: 9, Chi: 8 (For: 6), Mnd: 9, Ref: 8

Guns: 13, Martial Arts: 13, Info/History: 13, Info/Fashion & Style: 13, Info/Food and Drink: 13, Info/Literature: 10, Seduction: 13, Intrusion: 15, Driving: 11

Path of the Sharpened Scales (Complete), Signature Weapon: Colt Python 14/3/6, Lightening Reload x 2, Eagle Eye, Hair Trigger Neck Hairs.

Passive Dodge: 13
Active Dodge: 16 (19 with Breath of the Dragon)

Punch: 10/12, Kick: 11/13, Colt Python: 14/3/6 (Signature Weapon), Beretta Centurion: 10/2/15+1, Walther PPK 9/1/6+1, Ruger Red Label (sawed off) 13/3/2

(Special note: Hawk has the Colt Phallic Special Colt Python with an 8 inch barrel, as well as having traded up to a signature Colt Anaconda in the recent Small Vices, which is a .44 Magnum, but still uses the same stats as above, but it too is a signature Anaconda.)

Notes: I've translated Hawk into a couple other species before.  One was an Atlantean Undead Slayer.  Another was a Gallifreyan renegade.  The last was a Daxamite who'd developed an immunity to lead.  The Transformed Dragon version is the truest of the true, and Hawk probably is much, much older than Spenser thinks.

Adapted by Douglas P. Wojtowicz, for hire.

And Now... 
some thoughts on the adaptation with 
Dougy Double-You and Timmy the Byrd

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