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Note: All the wisecracks in parentheses answered by "Kin-A!" are Ironman's responses ( in the best caveman tone of voice you can accomplish).

Carl Ironman LyonsCarl "Ironman" Lyons (I'd like him to be played by Brian Bosworth)
Maverick Cop.

Quote: Stop fingering your psyche, and just nut up and do it!

BOD:8 (Tgh:10), CHI:0 (For:5), MIND: 7, REF: 7

Driving: 15, Guns: 14, Martial Arts: 11, Police: 12, Intrusion: 9

Nose for Crime, Lightening Reload, Fast Draw, Hair Trigger Neck Hairs x 2, Signature Weapon:Colt Python

Passive Dodge: 12
Active Dodge: 14

Punch: 9, Kick: 10, Colt Python: 14/3/6, Colt 1911A 10/2/7+1, Franchi SPAS 12 13/5/7+1 (Yeah, I know, he used to have the Atchisson shotgun, but he switched over now) Atchisson 12 Gauge Auto (The Lyons Crowd Killing Device) 13**/5/7+1 (20+1) (Full auto, takes out Mooks on a 3 or more).

A former LAPD police officer, Carl "Ironman" Lyons so impressed Mack Bolan the Executioner that when he was forming a brand new team of commandos, he hired the big cop.  Since then, the Ironman has survived dozens of small scale wars with terrorists, facists, drug dealers and mobsters just on the basis of guts and determination.

Tell me THIS isn't Feng Shui
Hermann "Gadgets" Schwartz (I'd like him to be played by Dan Ackroyd)

Quote: Righteous!  Prosecution to the Max!

BOD: 6, CHI: 6, MIND 8, REF: 8

Driving: 15, Fix-It: 15, Guns: 13, Info/Science: 12, Info/Computers: 12, Intrusion: 10, Martial Arts: 12, Sabotage: 15, Info/Metaphysics: 12, Info/Geomancy: 12

Right Item on Hand, Bite of the Dragon, Breath of the Dragon, Signature Weapon (Beretta 93R), Lightening Reload, Fast Draw

Passive Dodge: 13
Active Dodge: 15

Punch: 7 (9), Kick: 8 (10), Beretta 93R 13/2/20+1, CAR-15 14*/4/30+1 (Takes out mooks on a 4 or more).

Mr. Wizard, Gadgets Schwartz, is an electronics, computer and communications expert who has been fighting alongside the Executioner since Vietnam.  Attuned to the chi site at Stony Man Farm, Gadgets is the one member of Able Team who would be able to figure out the Secret War well enough to explain it in words of one-syllable (a neccessity for Ironman, "Kin-A!").

Rosario "Politician" Blancanales  (Richard "Cheech" Marin in a serious role, or the late Raul Julia.)
Spy Rosario Politician Blancanales looking like a cross between Raul Julia & Cheech Marin
Quote: Get with the plan, Ironman.

BOD: 7, CHI: 0 (For: 6), MIND: 8, REF: 8

Deceit:15, Fix-It:10, Guns:13, Info/Fashion:14, Info/Food and Drink:14, Info/Politics:12, Intrusion:12, Martial Arts:13, Secudtion:13, Sabotage:10, Medicine:10

Boastfull Villain Schtick, Signature Weapon:Colt 1911A, Lightening Reload

Passive Dodge: 14
Active Dodge: 16

Punch: 8, Kick: 9, Colt 1911A 13/2/7+1, M16/M203 (Rifle and grenade launcher) M16 14*/5/30+1 (Full auto, takes out mooks on a 4 or more), M203 Special/5/1 (Does explosion damage, takes out mooks on a 4 or more, can also fire tear gas, incendiary, or smoke rounds.

Whereas Carl Lyons has become the leader of Able Team, Pol (to his friends, pronounced Paul) acts as both Ironman's restraint and conscience, the diplomat of the team, and general all around older (but still cool) brother.  Pol is also a world class infiltration expert, the team medic, and has taught the others fluent Spanish (a remarkable fact given Ironman's suck-ass pronunciation, "Kin-A!").

Adapted by Douglas P. Wojtowicz
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