Here, our humble Feng Shui adapter enters a world or presumption and fragile supposition as he dares, NAY STRIVES! to translate Bruce Lee's ultimate role from Bruce Lee's ultimate movie (alright, ultimate good movie, I keep forgetting the hacksawed Game of Death).

And now, we present:

Mr Lee    from 
Spy, U.N. Operative, & Martial Artist  

"Don't think.  Feeeeeel..." 

BOD:7 CHI:0 (Fu:8) MIND:7 REF: 

Detective:8, Info/Eastern Philosophy:13, Intrusion:9, Leadership:9, Martial Arts:15 

Path of the Sharpened Scales: Bite of the Dragon, Breath of the Dragon, Claw of the Dragon, Orange Principle 

The values (  in parenthesis  ) are the bonuses for Breath or Bite of the Dragon (damage bonuses or Martial Arts AV bonus).  

Passive Dodge:15  Active Dodge:18(21) 

Punch:8(10), Kick:9(11), Nunchaku:8(10), Staff:10(12), Clubs x2:10(12) 

you have offended my family... 
Notes: Alright, I was wrong in that most Fu paths weren't ideal for a Bruce Lee style character (ie: no trampolines and jump wires), but that was before I knuckled down, ignored the heck out of the gun schticks and concentrated on READING the Fu schticks.  Actually, I took a look at Path of the Sharpened Scales, hoping to find some low key and subtle Fu powers, and discoverred that this path was designed for the "realistic" Martial Artist, and perfectly designed, if not originally intended, for The Dragon himself.  After that, things just fell into place with such ease that I barely had to think.  However, since Bruce is so fluid and skilled, he deserved the Orange Principle, which also seemed quite "Brucelike" in that Jeet Kune Do also is a flowing, versatile art. For those without Back for Seconds, Orange Principle gives the Martial Artist a +1 AV every time he uses an ADDITIONAL fu schtick in a sequence. Plus, versus 3 or more opponents, the character who knows the Orange Principle gains a +1 bonus in combat against more than one foe.  Combined with Breath of the Dragon, that's a + 4 AV (19!) against a crowd of mooks. This may be like telling a fish that water's wet, but Mr. Lee is someone you do not mess with!
Adapted by Douglas P. Wojtowicz, who should have known Robin would leave the path open for someone to make Bruce Lee with ridiculous ease.
Enter The Dragon 
Main Theme by Lalo Schiffrin

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