Cameron Poe  from 
Cameron Poe  
Ex-Special Forces 

"Put the bunny down...

Bod 7, Chi 2 (Fu 4), Mnd 6, Ref

Driving 14, Guns 13, Info/Anti-Terrorism 10, Martial Arts 15, Sabotage 12 

Fu Schticks:  
Claw of the Tiger, Tiger Stance, Unyeilding Tiger Stance, Vengence of the Tiger, Fast Draw 

Cameron Poe just spent 8 years in San Quentin for manslaughter.  In truth, he was defending himself from a trio of drunken troublemakers when he accidentally killed one of them.  Thanks to an inept lawyer, he was sentenced for hard time, away from his pregnant wife, Tricia.  Now he's being transported home aboard the Jailbird, a maximum security airplane which is also carrying the most dangerous criminals in the country to a new facility in Alabama.  Unfortunately, the criminals have their own dirty tricks up their sleeves.  He'll stop at nothing to get home to his wife and daughter... nothing. 

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