While at a convention, Douglas P. Wojtowicz was watching some SF movies from Japan...
Kaiju !!!

Y'know.  Godzilla.  Gamera.  Mothra.  Ghidorah. We're talkin' giant monsters, buddy.   You know them in all of their rubber-suited, model-trashing glory.. but do they lend themselves to Feng Shui?

You bet they do...

Exhibit A  : Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah   

Obvious Feng Shui moment:   
M11, Emmy, and Hiro (the heroes of the film) battle against the Futurians, struggling to take over the time machine,  Mother.  M11 is either a Cyborg or a human-like Abomination, you take your pick.  His fight sequences used speeded-up film and wirework worthy of a Wuxia style HK MA film.  Emmy was either Ex-Special Forces (hell, she piloted Mecha-King Ghidorah against the big G herself) and managed to slap around mooks and go toe to toe with named characters.  Hiro was either an Everyman Hero or a reporter, but regardless, he was a writer. 

Potential Kaiju Monster Schtick:   
Ghidrah, the Chow Yun Fat of monsters. Godzilla is the John Travolta of Monsters. 

For a creature with the Blast Schtick as a breath weapon, and multiple heads, like a Hydra, a Chimera, or King Ghidorah, you can cut loose with more than one head.  Damage is Blast damage per head x Toughness x (Number of heads).  For one schtick, this can be done at -2 AV.  Two Schticks is -1 AV.  Three Schticks is no Penalty.  Four Schticks takes out Mooks (in this case airplanes or tanks or little Destroyah/Legion minimonsters) on a result of 4 or more.  Five Schticks (the maximum you can have) takes out mooklings on a result of 3 or more. 

  Sure she *looks* fluffy, but then its with the silk webbing and the babies and the double-teaming, gyyuh...
Exhibit B: Godzilla vs. Mothra.   

Obvious Feng Shui moment:   
Godzilla comes upon the Mothra egg as she's hatching, and starts trying to kill her.  Right out of the egg, she makes a gracefull and very nice slow motion leap into the water as Godzilla's ray comes slicing right over her.  They then begin a battle between their breath weapons with the barge that held Mothra as cover for both of them.  When I saw Mothra make the slow motion plunge for cover, I just thought it would be perfect for a  Heroic Bloodshed moment.   

As well, there was an archeologist who had an introductory sequence which was right out of an Indiana Jones film, including crawling up a stone staircase only slightly faster than it would collapse, and a short, brief running fight to get to the tow controls with a businessman. (Aso?)  There was also the element of kidnapping and selling the little Mothra girls off to someone willing to pay $1 million for them.  An FS GM could easily have an instance where the Player Characters have to battle this millionare's hoods and other assorted mooks and named muscle to  retrieve the little ones before the big nasty bugs and that huge lizard rip up downtown Tokyo or Hong Kong.  

Exhibit C: Godzilla vs. Destroyah. 

Obvious Feng Shui Moment 1:  
Godzilla makes his first appearance in Hong Kong, and then proceeds to annihilate great parts of the wonderfull Hong Kong architecture.  By this time, I'd been poisoned by the bug (Mothra, Battra?) of making Kaiju films into FS style material. 

Obvious Feng Shui Moment 2:  
The Japanese SDF Special Forces in their pitched battle with the small sized Destroyahs.  First off, the JSDF vans were quite cool with nicely set up gunracks in the back.  With choices from M-16's to HK MP5's to Flame Throwers, I could envision a "normal sized" Kaiju bug war with the PC's as members of the Global Kaiju Counter Measures Team. 

This is Godzilla's LAST opponent EVER 
You could have the Journalist along for the ride, of course a Techie or an Everyman Hero who traded one of his lowbrows for Information/Science, maybe a tag-a-long kid, and of course your choice of Maverick, Karate or Magic Cops, with a Ninja, Medic or Ex-Special Forces operative on the team.  The Everyman Hero can also keep all his lowbrow skills and use his excellent driving skill as the team  pilot.  A Killer could easily make his way onto the team merely by taking down a particularly nasty monster.  Cyborgs, Abominations and Supernatural Creatures can easily be fit into the GKCMT as well.  And, what's a Kaiju film without a tagalong Scrappy Kid?  For further grins, an Old Master would be great for ripping apart the demon spawn with his bare hands.  And, with the Sentai and Video Rangers, Spectreman, and especially Ultraman, you have a perfect spot for a Masked Avenger with built-in Weaponry.

Kaiju stats

You can do this either of two ways.

1) Leave the big guys statless and have to use some kind of focus, like the Wave Motion Gun, or the Sub-Zero MacroMaser take down the monster... after surviving long enough to get said weapon into action despite industrial spies, alien enemies, mad scientist goons, and mini-monsters, let  the big busters alone.  The idea here is, if you give it stats, the players will kill it, and for some groups that's most appropriate.

2) Use the Stat K (for Kaiju or Kilo) system.  Each Stat is as normal, and generally the base stats are made off of the Supernatural Creature Base. However, a Body of 10K should really be 10,000. (Kilo=Thousand.)  This is similar to the Kill System in Fuzion, and the Mega-Damage System in Palladium, except... um... simpler.  This allows your monsters to ignore and laugh off small arms fire, crush buildings to dust, and make the only worthy opponents super vehicles or other Kaiju.  Abominations can also fit into this system as well.

Kaiju games can be good for either a battle tournament just for the sake of flattening a city.  Or it can be a parallel storyline with players playing the monsters and the humans dealing with enemies around the monsters.  Or the characters themselves can be running around in vehicles which as a team make them a match for a single powerful kaiju.


-Ghidorah the Three Headed Monster not only had a small team of Kaiju fighting one big bruiser of a beastie: Mothra, Rodan and Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah, it also had a parallel story wherein mobsters were trying to kidnap or kill a princess, and the Japanese police had to fight them off in a nice low key gun battle.

-Destroy All Monsters had a giant monster team taking on King Ghidorah again, as well as the Monster Island staff engaging in big setpiece Bondian battles against the Kilaaks and their agents.  Gunfights in the Monster Island control room, on a beach, and in the Moon Base spring to mind.

-Even without humans getting involved in the ass-kicking, you have many monster teams.  Twin Mothra larvae battling Godzilla in Godzilla vs. the Thing.  A Mothra adult and a larva battling Death Ghidorah in Mothra 97.  Battra and Mothra teaming up against Godzilla after what seemed to be a free for all battle in Godzilla vs. Mothra.  And the ultimate free for all... Godzilla vs. Rodan vs. Garuda and Mechagodzilla in Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla.

The More Things Change, the More they Stay the Same

This is where making your favorite movie monster is... difficult.  Before Toho amalgamated its series of kaiju eiga with Godzilla vs. the Thing, monsters came in ALL sizes.  

For example, Varan was 30 meters tall, Mothra was a 180 meter long caterpillar, and Godzilla was a mere 50 meters tall.  In the original movie, Mothra has a wingspan of 250 meters!  The big butterfly would have squished Godzilla like, pardon the pun, a bug!  

Even King Kong got a booster shot before he went toe-to-toe with the big G, going from 60 feet tall to a whopping 45 meters to better match Godzilla's 50 meter height. (Gamera himself was 45 meters in height as well.)  

And then in 1984 when Gojira returned, he was a full 60% taller at 80 meters, and weighed in at 50 kilotons.  With Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah (1991), he was made even larger to his current fighting size of 100 meters and 60 kilotons, with a tail a full 140 meters long.  

The current Gamera went up in size too, a full third increase to 60 meters.  I don't have stats on his weight though.  
Quoting special effects director Koichi Kawakita on the increase of 1/25 scale to 1/50 "A 100 meter scale for Godzilla  is necessary now due to the larger size of buildings which exist today... Godzilla would not look so impressive or threatening at the old 50 meter scale." (quote from the Illustrated Encyclopedia of Godzilla, written and compiled by Ed Godziszewski.  Wonder where he developed that Godzilla fixation... :) )  

However, this was quoted before the battle between a 40 meter tall Godzilla Junior vs. the 40 meter tall Destroyah in Godzilla vs. Destroyah, and of course the 60 meter tall Gamera battling against Gyaos and Legion. 

Here's some sample heights and weights below.  Take a look at them: 
Monster Height (1964) Height (Heisei)
Godzilla 50 Meters  80 M / 100 M
Gamera 45 Meters 60 Meters  / 90 Meters (projected)
King Ghidorah 70 Meters 150 Meters
Mothra(Larva) 180 M / 40 M 120 Meters Long
Mothra(Adult) 135 M / 40 M  65 Meters long (175m Wingspan)
Rodan 50 M x 150 M Wing 170 m x 150 m (Wingspan)
65 Meters 135 Meters 
65 Meters 135 Meters 
Projected heights means the upsizing of monsters to better fit the miniature detailing.
Websites abound with Kaiji-statistics, here are a few good places to start:
Barry's Temple of Godzilla
Monster Statistics

So, how do we convert a Daikaiju (Giant Weird Creature)?

For the original series of Toho's Kaiju Eiga and the equal scaled Daei Gamera Eija, we do this:
Take the height of the monster and divide by 5.  That gives us our base Body stat.  Then, apply Supernatural Creature Powers, stats and skills as appropriate.

For the Hesei Series: -Just divide by 10, but add 2 for the "increased" size. (Why?  To keep it fair for those running around at 50 meter scale, like both versions of Gamera and Godzilla Junior.) Remember, the Body stat is at the Kilo scale.  Godzilla is thousands of times as massive as a human.  Thus, he be bad.  It'll take a thousand mooks with rifles to start hurting him).

this being said, here's  some examples (the second stat is the Hensei update) Like this needs a caption...

Godzilla, King of the Monsters 1954/1991

Quote: Roaaaaeeeeunk!

Body: 10 K/12K Chi: 0 (Magic = 8) Mind: 4 (Charisma 2) Ref: 8
Creature Powers: 15 Martial Arts: 12 Intimidation: 7 (or 13/15 based off Body)

Tentacle (Tail), Blast (Atomic Ray), Amphibian, Regeneration, Armor.

Passive Dodge: 15
Active Dodge: 18

Punch, Tail Swat: 11K/13K, Kick: 12K/14K.  Atomic Ray: 10K.

Now see?  That was simple, wasn't it?   These stats are with  Big G as a starting monster. Mind you, we all know Godzilla's arsenal is much more powerful than that.

How about the other big G-Hero?  Let's see how he turns out.

Gamera, The Real Guardian of the Universe
(60's series / 90's series)
Don't worry Father... Gamera is the friend of all children
Quote:   Braaaayaaaaaaahhhhh!
Bod: 9K / 12 K  Chi: 0 (Mag= 8)  Mnd: 6 (Cha: 4)  Ref: 6
Creature Powers:15, Martial Arts:12, Leadership: 7 (Children just adore him.)

Plasma Burst (Blast), Armor x2, Flight,
Conditional Escalation: When hit for more than 10 Wound Points in a single attack (actually, sympathy from children rooting Gamera on.)

Punch: 10K / 13K, Kick: 11 K / 14 K, Plasma Bolt: 10K.
Again, this is with Big Other G as a starting monster.

And who to fight?

 Ok... now yer in trouble...          Hee hee heee....

Only a monster this cool could make Big G look THIS cheesey... King Ghidorah (Original/Heisei.)

Quote: Buraddabat!

Creature Powers:15, Martial Arts:12, Intimidation:7

Gravity Bolts (Blast), Flight, Abyssimal Spines (Bite from any of 3 heads), Both Heads Blazing x 2.

Kick: 22K / 19 K, Bite: 22K / 19K, Blast: 10K (doubled by Both Heads Blazing).

King Ghidorah, who IS supposed to be Godzilla's greatest foe, is treated here as an experienced monster.  In Godzilla vs. Destroyah, he blowed up Hong Kong pretty good.  Hell, before the title credits, his ray ripped across a three mile stretch of coastline, taking out an Australian jet.  blowing a fireball easily 200 meters tall into the sky. Then, after that, he stomped all over Hong Kong for good measure.

After the initial Kaiji posting on the Feng Shui Mailing List, a few concerned individuals stepped forward with a request for representation from the Science Police. "What about Ultraman?", they asked.  He presents something of a poser tho. We already have a size scale for Ultraman, from when he battled a Godzilla lookalike with a frilled neck.so we know that  he's roughly 45 Meters tall.  But... wait! He's not a monster and has human intelligence.

Fortunately, we have the Cyborg!


Look at it this way... most people don't play Cyborgs because of the Arcanowave Device implants.  However... change those Arcanowave powers to Creature powers, and TAAAAAA-DAAAAA!

Take THAT!!Ultraman

Quote: Shwa-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa.

Bod:6K, Chi:0 (Mag:8), Mnd:5 (Per:7), Ref:8

Creature Powers:11(+3 for Cyborgs with Creature Powers), Info/Science:7 (Science Police, y'know) Guns:11, Martial Arts:13, Police:9 (Science Police, y'know), Sabotage: 7

... Spartan Dog!  Saxon Hun!! Turkish Toffee!!

Flight, Blast, Transformation, Armor, Hair Trigger Neck Hairs.

Punch: 7K, Kick: 8K, Blast: 10K (Varying SpFX)

Never realised how much of a rip he was til I saw them side-by-side...and, correspondingly, from the Toho camp:

Jet Jaguar

Quote: ::waves flags in semophore, requesting Godzilla assist him against the Seatopians.::

Bod:10K, Chi: 0 (Mag=8), Mnd: 6 (Cha: 4), Ref: 6

Creature Powers: 15, Martial Arts: 12,  Fix-It: 9 (reprogrammed himself quite a bit)
Flight, Transformation (normal android to Giant Android), Death Resistance x3.

 Thanks, and give my regards to Ultra-Seven sez 'Zilla. Jet clears his throat...

Passive Dodge: 15
Active Dodge: 18

Punch: 11K, Kick: 12K.


All the above was written and adapted, with the love born of fanaticism, by Douglas P. Wojtowicz To hell with yas, I'm back to the bottom of the ocean...

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