Alright, a few pointers on converting  White Wolf to Feng Shui: IT WAS TOO EASY!  
Point one: 
Both systems use Attribute + Skill bonus to reach their final AV's.  One is the total of dice rolled, one is the total level.  In my Gonzo White Wolf Games, I rolled the dice much more like FS dice than WW dice, going so far as to only use a d12 and reversing the difficulties, dropping them from 12. 

Point two: 
Werewolves protect caerns.  Mages seek their Nodes.  Secret Warriors seek Feng Shui sites.  All have a similar magic charge... indeed Mages often rip off caerns of Gnosis to make their Magic scores. Chances are, these are all the same thing.  And, the Ascended has an additional reason for hating the werewolves and werecats and whatever were creature wants a caern : they're using and guarding vital Feng Shui sites which prevent them from maintaining total power.  Pentex seems to have a load of corrupted caerns on its side, perhaps translating into enough Feng Shui Sites to make them a match against the power of the Ascended. 
Point three:

White Wolf Character Stats  
to Feng Shui Attribute Stats
White Wolf 
Character Stat
Feng Shui 
Mook Character
Feng Shui 
Named Character
One Dot
Two Dots
Three Dots
Four Dots
Five Dots
Six Dots
Seven Dots
Eight Dots
Nine Dots
Ten Dots
Under a Blood Red Moon is VITAL if you want to have werewolf, vampire and ghoul mooks galore. 

The Feng Shui Skill... determined 
from this White Wolf Skill Combination: 
Arcanowave Device
(Science + Guns) *
Creature Powers
(Primal Urge x 2)
(Subterfuge + Empathy + Streetwise + Expression) * 
(Enigmas + Investigation + Streetwise + Alertness) *
(Driving x 2)
(Repair x 2 or Repair + Science) 
(Subskill Gambling x 2)
(Firearms x 2)
(Intimidation x 2)
(Stealth + Streetwise + Repair + Security) * 
(Investigation + Expression + Streetwise) *
(Leadership x 2) 
Martial Arts
(Athletics + Brawl + Dodge + Melee)
 (Medicine x2 or Medicine + Science) 
(Investigation + Streetwise + Alertness) * + (Law)
(Fix-It + Streetwise) *
(Primal Urge + Occult) * 
Note, for Mooks, only take the highest skill available, and no x2 for Guns or Driving.  
Lastly, Mooks with Leadership?  HAH! 

Les Mooks Garoux
Man Form Bod: 5, Chi: 5, Mnd: 6, Ref:
Crinos Form:  Bod: 9, Chi: 5, Mnd: 6, Ref: 7
Wolf Form: Bod: 6. Chi: 5, Mnd: 6, Ref:
City Werewolves: Martial Arts: 8, Creature Powers: 6, Guns: 8 
(Too bad in werewolf form their claws don't use Martial Arts but Creature Powers... heh.) 
Country Werewolves:  Martial Arts: 9, Creature Powers: 8, Guns: 7 
(Don't mess with country werewolves in mook numbers... period!) 
Punch 6/10, Kick: 7/11, Claw: 11, Bite: 11, plus any weapons you decide.

Vampire Notes:

Vampires are easier to do than Werewolves.  Werewolves have too damn many Gifts.


Vampire Chi = Blood Pool Max / 2.
Regenerating their chi normally as other Magic users and Fu users, they just need to feed at least once a week to keep up their strength.

Creature Powers

Blood Spent per round x2 (for Named Characters).
Thus, If you spend 1 per round, you get +2 AV to your Creature Powers skill.

Old Vampires, as you'll see, get nasty.  Mook Vamps just get their Blood Spent added. +1 or +2...


Adds 1 to the amount of effort needed to take them down. So, now you need an Outcome of 6. Only cruel GM's give anything over Fortitude 2 to Mook Vamps with "high" skills. However, using Fire brings the Outcome requirements back down to a mere 5, and assault rifles are particularly useful for evening the odds.

Mook Vampires

Bod: 5, Chi: 5, Mnd: 6, Ref: 5

Guns: 7, Martial Arts: 8, Creature Powers: 6

Brujah Bruiser: Potence: 2 (+4 Str),  Celerity: 1 (+2 Spd),  Presence: 1
Gangrel Gangsta: Fortitude: 2,  Protean: 2 (Gleam of Red Eyes and Wolf Claws) 
Ventrue Tough: Fortitude: 2 
Punch: 6, Kick: 7,  Wolf Claws (8), Potence Punch: 10, Potence Kick: 11, plus whatever guns, knives and other goodies you can arrange.
Note: If you put any more than the simplest combat disciplines into mook vampires, you might as well name 'em and give em Named stats.  These are the raw recruit Brujah, Gangrel, or Ventrue who like going around, busting up people and being muscle for the big heavies.  They're the same dumb bags of cement that the PC's normally beat on, except these suckers drink blood, can spend a Chi to get back up after being knocked down (max 5 times, dropping their creature powers and power availability each time, as they have to Spend Chi to activate their powers), and automatically get kilt dead when you apply liberal amounts of flame or sunlight to them. 

Tough Vampire Mooks

Bod: 6, Chi: 7, Mnd: 7, Ref: 6

Guns: 9, Intrusion: 9, Martial Arts: 9, Creature Powers: 9

Celerity: 2 (+4 Speed), Fortitude: 1, Potence: 2 (+4 Str)

Note: These are nameless (but very nasty) assassins, like the Black Hand, or the true vampire bodyguards of the main bad guys.  They're very hard to kill, Outcome of 6 to knock them down, meaning a roll of 15 to whup 'em, but this drops with Assault Rifles and Fire.  When throwing waves of mook Vampires at your players, be sure to sprinkle in one or two, just so the players suddenly realize just why Vampires seemingly rule the world of Darkness.

Mook Ghouls

Bod: 7, Chi: 5, Mnd: 6, Ref: 6

Martial Arts: 8, Guns: 8, Creature Powers: 6
(Note, I skimped here if you have the original book I got the mook vamps from)

Potence 1 (+2 Str) Celerity (+2 Spd)

Punch: 8/10, Kick: 9/11, weapons as supplied by master.

Ghouls are chosen for one reason, to guard their Master's carcass.  So,Vampires aren't likely to convert wimps to guard them, are they? With an outcome of 13 needed for most of these (14 to 15 if the Master gave the Ghoul Fortitude), they're head smashers to a blood-addicted man.

Just so you don't think all Ghouls are immediately Mooks, here's a sample Named Ghoul:

Eric MacGregor

Ye may tink dat yeeev seen da last o' me, Drah-goons... boot Ah'll be buck, 'n den yeeeel pay da pipah!
(Laughs maniacally as he drives his Cadillac into the bay, emptying his Uzi out the car's window.)

Body: 8, Chi: 5 (Fortune: 6), Mind: 7, Reflexes: 7

Martial Arts:13, Guns:15, Intrusion:11, Driving:15, Detective:10, Info/Occult:13, Info/Computers:11,
Info/Area Knowledge:13, Info/Finance:11, Info/Science:11

Potence 1 (+2 Str), Celerity 1 (+2 Spd)

Passive Dodge: 15
Active Dodge: 18

Punch: 9/11, Kick: 10/12, Colt 1911 x 2 (10/2/7+1), Uzi Submachinegun (10/4/32+1),
M-16 (14*/5/30+1), Silver Plated Sword: 12/14

Note: By spending 1 Chi per point of Schtick, you get to use that bonus.  Thus, Potence 2 uses 2 Chi.  Fortitude 4 uses 4 Chi.  It also gives you +8 Toughness, so you're getting off cheap, even if you only have a Chi of 5!

Erik was part of the Highlander Rebellion centuries past, when he came upon a master swordsman who fought only at night, and seemed possessed of superhuman ability.  The Scotsman accepted the killer's challenge and fought him literally to a standstill, running him through and having emptied both his pistols into the man.  Yet, when Erik thought he'd won, the swordsman rose up, as strong and fresh as before and gripped Erik mightily, taking a deep drink of his blood,then releasing him.  Woozy and unable to resist, he was then fed the blood of the swordsman.  Thus, an addiction was born.  Erik became a ghoul that night. However, there was one problem for the swordsman.  Now, possessed of inhuman speed and strength himself, and seeing that his need for blood could be met by the highest bidding vampire, Erik imprisoned the vampire, using him as a personal tap, keeping it weak and unable to resist, despite the blood bond.  New employers paid him in vampire flunkies of weak minds but thick and strong blood. Now, he's been hired to make sure that his new Master's enemies end up dead. And those enemies happen to be the PC's, the current Dragons!

Conversion Notes by Douglas P. Wojtowicz. More to follow soon
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