converted from the Terra, Nile Empire, and Main Torg Worldbooks


New Skill 

Pulp Powers (Will) 

This is a combat skill, giving a Dodge AV as normal.  This is the skill of using Pulp Powers in combat and non-combat situations. It includes a knowledge of pulp schticks and other users of them.  Contacts include scientists, occultists, and other pulp power users. 

Starting with Pulp Schticks 

Any character can start with a Pulp Schtick by paying the cost for it out of their starting skill points.  When purchased, the Schtick is 'attuned' to either Fu, Magic, or Fortune, which then becomes the chi source to use the Schtick (see below). 

Gaining Pulp Schticks during play 

To purchase a Pulp Schtick after the start costs 8 + X, where X is the number of pulp powers you already have. 

Using Pulp Schticks 

To use a Pulp Schtick, the appropriate Chi cost is deducted from the attuned attribute.  The deducted Chi points return at the end of the current session, not at the end of a sequence. If a Pulp Schitck does not otherwise indicate a Difficulty, the Pulp Powers check is against a difficulty of 8. 

Schticks in Gadgets 

If desired, a Schtick can be placed in a gadget (a rocket pack, death ray pistol, goggle, etc.)  This reduces the cost of the Schtick by 1 pt (to a minimum of 1).  The resulting Gadget can be destroyed in combat, doesn't expend Chi, and will include a 'Max # of Uses' indicating how many times it can be used in a session. 

Gadgets have a Pulp Powers AV of 10.  This AV can be increased by spending experience (on the gadget) at a cost of X, where X is the new AV of the Gadget. 

(Note: Techies can create Gadgets like this using their Unique Schtick, but the Fortune point loss is permanent.) 

Botching Pulp Schticks 

A botched use of a Pulp Schtick should have a humorous result: the user blinded, flying out of control, etc.  This should in some way lead to a cliffhanger or complication in the current scene. 

The Schticks
1pt Schticks 
NIGHT SIGHT  Chi: 1 Shot: 0
The user can see in the dark, negating any darkness penalties (including those from Fog).  Note that this will allow a blind man to see in darkness. 
[Max # of Uses: 10] 
2pt Schticks 
ANIMAL FRIEND  Chi: 2 Shot: 1
This imparts a limited ability to communicate with animals.  In otherwords, this allows you to use skills like Intimidate, Detective, etc. on animals to generate information or convince them to help. 
[Max # of Uses: 5]
FLIGHT  Chi: 3 Shot: 2
Flight allows the user to fly (Pulp Power x 4) meters. 
[Max # of Uses: 6]
FOG Chi: 3 Shot: 1
The character can summon up a billowing cloud of fog/darkness lasting until the end of the sequence, and covering about 10 meters radius.  All characters in the fog suffer a -3 AV penalty to hit (unless they are able to operate w/o penalty in darkness). 
[Max # of Uses: 9] 
A character with improved hearing can chose to substitute their Pulp Powers AV for their Perception attribute when attempting to hear something. 
[Max # of Uses: 5] 
RAZZLE-DAZZLE   Chi: 3 Shot: 3
Razzle dazzle is the ability to blind opponents with a sudden flash of brilliant light.  Make a Pulp Powers check, using the target's Per as the AV.  The target suffers an Impairment equal to the Outcome until the end of the sequence. 
[Max # of Uses: 10]
RUNNING  Chi: 2 Shot: 1
The character is capable of running extremely fast.  Multiply their MOV by the Outcome of the Pulp Powers task check (versus Difficulty 8).  The minimum move is MOV x 3.  Any stunts conducted during this running move are done using Martial Arts. 
[Max # of Uses: 8] 
Choose a Primary Attribute when this Schtick is purchased (this schitck can be purchased once for each primary attribute).  When used, this Schitck adds +3 to the chosen attribute (and its subattribute, even if higher) for the remainder of the sequence. This can exceed the limit of 10 in an attribute.  At the end of a sequence, reduce the enhanced attribute by 3.  If this reduces the primary or any of its subattributes below zero, the user takes 5 WPs per point below.  Super Attribute *can* be used on the same attribute more than once in a sequence. 

Alternatively, choose two primary attributes to increase by +2 for a sequence.  If this power is chosen as an Gadget, the effects last for exactly 1 hour (instead of for a sequence). [Max # of Uses: 1] 

X-RAY VISION  Chi: 3 Shot: 1
The character can look through solid objects as though they were clear glass.  The maximum thickness the character can see through is their Pulp Powers AV in meters.  The GM and Character choose a specific material the X-Ray Vision will not work on (Lead, Jade, Silver, etc.). 
[Max # of Uses: 5] 
3pt Schticks 
BLAST     Chi: 4 Shot: 3
The character unleashes a blast of energy (Electro, Death Ray, Fire, etc) from his hands, doing his Pulp Powers AV + Outcome as damage.  A botch with Blast does that damage to the user, with no toughness. 
[Max # of Uses: 3]
INVISIBILITY  Chi: 4 Shot: 0
The user of this schtick is rendered invisible to the unaided eye, until the end of the sequence.  Opponents wishing to attack the target must make a Perception check using the Pulp Powers skill as the Difficulty.  Success allows an attack at -2 AV. Failure allows no attacks. 
[Max # of Uses: 1]
4pt Schticks  
CHAMELEON Chi: 5 Shot: 3
With this power, the user can change her appearance to look like anyone else.  Any observer trying to see past the disguise must succeed in a Perception check versus the users Pulp Powers AV. This transformation will last until the end of the session or until the user decides to stop using it. 
[Max # of Uses: 1]
Adapted by Jason Langlois, with thanks to the authors of  the Terra, Nile Empire, and Main Torg Worldbooks: 
Ray Winninger, Brian Sean Perry, Greg Gorden, and everyone else involved in their creation.
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