ABOMINATIONS in RIFTShui really do not suffer at all.  Indeed, races like the Brodkil are supernatural creatures with regular bionics, and there are other supernatural predators out where who combine Technowizardry (the bastard offspring of Arcanowave) and their own formidable powers.  Abominations can choose to replace some of their AW with TW equipment, or perhaps ARB and Arcanotech haven't faded into obscurity.

CYBORGS have access to non-Arcanowave bionics.  They're now happy.  And they kick butt.

The EVERYMAN HERO is himself a conundrum.  Now, the things he takes interest in can change.  His knowledge of Earth's past makes him a dangerous collector of ideas.  His enormously powerful Fortune Chi makes him a target for Chi feeding enemies.  Luckily, his Fortune dice are mighty, and allow him to survive even the deadliest of attacks.  Of all the powers needed in the time of the Rifts... luck and FORTUNE are the most powerfull of all.

EX-SPECIAL FORCES, NINJAS, SPIES, & KILLERS who don't rely on Fu haven't really a need to change either.  WHAT they do, and what they LOVE to do, is use the wonders of Rifts era technology.  What Killer wouldn't love to have a handgun in each hand which had the stopping power of a .357 Desert Eagle, a range of 800 feet (almost a third more than the old .44 Desert Eagle), and yet is completely noiseless?  And Ex-Special Forces seem extremely happy with laser rifles which can pop holes in heavy duty armor, AND launch grenades underneath.

GAMBLERS still bet on games... although now, it's as likely to be a game of Juicer Football, or a slug fest between a Dog Boy and a Supernatural Creature.

JOURNALISTS are considered spreaders of the news as always... which is a bad thing, because the Coalition doesn't want the word spread... they want THEIR word spread.  Nowadays, a gun-toting, Chi strong (Fortune) Journalist with a pulse rifle is as popular an image as a shotgun toting journalist in Central America or Vietnam was in the late 20th Century.  And the booze is just as hard, the beards just as bristly, and the squint just as mean.

KARATE, MAGIC and MAVERICK COPS could easily be elite lawmen and women fighting for justice.  Some may even work for the Coalition States.  The Coalition's Rifts Control Study Group has sufficient mastery of military combat and PPE/Chi energy to qualify as Magic Cops.  Some even speculate that Magic Cops and Crusading priests already characters with powerful Chi abilities, may have evolved into the fabled Psi-Stalker.  Considering that Magic Cops, Crusading Priests (also a Rifts OCC with little need of modification) and Psi Stalkers get along famously (usually hunting the same enemies), this might just be the case.

MARTIAL ARTISTS, OLD MASTERS and FU SCRAPPY KIDS are more prevalent in the East.  Fu Powers are real and exist.  Many Fu Powers have indeed proven to be the equal of Supernatural enemies, and in some cases, even Power Armor.  The sight of an frail, 75 pound and 75 year old master's hand striking the chest plate of a Glitterboy and knocking out its pilot is still seen from time to time.  Fu oriented Medics, Ex-Special Forces, Ninjas, and the above archetypes are still quite playable in Rifts time.  One drawback is that Psi-Stalkers and other beings who feed on PPE/Chi like the "flavor" of Fu just as much as they enjoy Magic.

Some NINJA, MARTIAL ARTISTS, and EX-SPECIAL FORCES have taken like ducks to water to Vibro Blades.  Carving through flesh, armor plate or demon hide like it was Velveeta Cheese, those who like hand-to-hand are extremely happy with these weapons.

Fu-fightin' SCRAPPY KIDS and THIEVES can be used in place of City Rats.

SORCERERS, GHOSTS, and sorcerous SCRAPPY KIDS still have the power to spit fireballs, heal horrific wounds, and fly, and other nifty deals.  In fact, now with the rise of magic, in some places, they don't even have to be sneaky about using their power. (Note: The Thorns of the Lotus' American branch has segmented and broken up, becoming now known as the Federation of Magic.)

SUPERNATURAL CREATURES still exist... indeed, they exist in nearly impossible numbers.  For them, Earth is no longer an alien terrain.  Their brothers are about... which can be good news, or it can be bad news.  Some Supernatural Creatures regard their "brothers" as complete jerks, and have repeatedly come to the defense of the humans who have adopted them.

TECHIES and MEDICS have new names: Operators, Body Fixers and Cyber-Docs.

And whence the TRANSFORMED ANIMALS, once the masters of the Modern Juncture? The Coalition discovered more than just the source of the Rifts at Lone Star Complex.  Now, they are the masters, and the Ascended are the pets.  Or is it really like that?  In the Rifts main book, one mutation abnormality for Dog Boys is Almost Complete Human Looks. Does this mean that once again, the former masters are returning, and this time in a form which isn't so vulnerable to magical reversion? Only time will tell.  After all, this IS Rifts, AND it IS Feng Shui.


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