The North American G-10 Glitter Boy
Crew: 1
BOD:12, TGH:15 (+5 vs. Lasers), Move:6, Dodge: - 3 (-10 when using the BOOM gun)
Wound Points: 20/35
Weapons Systems: 
1) RG-14 Rapid Acceleration Electromagnetic Rail Gun: 30 /  Not Bloody Likely You Can Conceal It  / 100 rds
The Glitter Boy only has one gun.  But GOD DAMN what a gun.  First off, it's so powerful, that if it were fired without its foot pylons deployed and the back thrusters engaged, it would rapidly gain a move of 12, unfortunately, uncontrolled and slamming into some other large object, causing much hurt. Second, this puppy is so loud and powerful, it shatters windows for 300 feet, and leaves your friend and enemies without hearing protection at -2 Impairment due to deafness.  But, if you have to absolutely, positively, really truly and necessarily have to kill it RIGHT NOW, the BOOM gun will do it.  Sure, some things are tough enough that they might survive shots from the BOOM gun. But... we generally don't like to think about those things, as even in the G-10, we're crunchy and taste good with ketchup. 
2) You could ditch the BOOM gun, and actually use smaller, more versatile weapons and NOT suffer a -10 Dodge.  There are plenty of big rifles out there. Unfortunately, none of them have a 30 Damage and have a 100 shot belt fed drum, with a possible 40 round backup drum. And of course, it is a Power Armor.  You could just walk up and punch your opponents into silly putty.
This big bad papacita was developed before the great cataclysm and was the mainstay of heavy armored infantry units of many armies.  These big monsters, deployed like tank platoons could line up and rain precision fire from their boom guns and simply and absolutely slaughter opposing ground forces.  Their gleaming golden armor only helped to protect them from laser fire, and being the big honking heavy suits that they are, they chuckled and laughed off all but the heaviest return fire.  Since the coming of the Rifts, the Glitterboys no longer mass in armies, especially since they're relatively rare, and illegal in the Coalition States.  Still, one Glitter Boy on your side, and you've got a big nasty powerhouse on your side.

The Triax X-1000 Ulti-Max Power Armor
Crew: 1
BOD:14, TGH:15, Move:4, Dodge:-4 
Wound Points: 20/35
Weapons Systems: 
1) VX-180 Maxi-Rail Gun: 20/ Yeah, Uh-hunh / 200 (loaded into two drums)
Sure, it's not the BOOM gun.  Sure it doesn't make buildings vibrate when you touch it off.  But darn it, it's big, it's sleek, and your Ulti-Max looks so good when it's punching big nasty holes in gargoyles, brodkil and dragons with it.  Did I mention that, yes, gertrude, it still packs a punch and a half? 
2) VX-160 Mini Missile Launchers (2): Varies with Missile /  No  /  15 BGB x3, Bursts.
The VX-160 looks like a mailbox on the shoulders of the Ulti-Max.  Capable of firing bursts of 1, 2, 4, or 6 rounds, over a mile away, and packing the capacity to fire off both launchers at one target, the Dead Letter Office never looked so lethal.
Fine German engineering, giant robo style.  The Ulti-Max has proven to be one nice and nasty suit which has been reputed to be the match of any other Power Armor, including the Glitter Boy.  Oddly enough, Triax didn't try it out on the front lines of their war against the Gargoyle Empire.  They sent a few hundred to the United States to sell, and the Coalition tried it out for them. Heck, if the Ulti-Max's tanked, the Coalition wouldn't come across the ocean to get their money back, and Triax still had plenty of other weapons to use. But this bad puppy proved its worth.  Let the Gargoyles beware.

Coalition UAR-1 Enforcer Robot 
Crew: 1 or 2
BOD:14, TGH:15, Move:6, Dodge: -4
Wound Points: 35 / 50 
Weapons Systems: 
1) C-50R Enforcer Rail Gun: 20 / - /  250 (or you could be a wienie and go 10 / - / 20,000) 
Nuclear powered, packing more ammo than BOTH a Glitter Boy and an Ulti-Max's cannons, and sitting on the shoulder of a 19 foot tall robot, this big buster is the bees knees for squishing tanks like roaches.  
2) CR-6 Medium Range Rocket Launcher: Varies / - / 6 
Yes.  Medium Range Rocket Launcher.  Pick a target 40 - 80 miles away.  Take your pick from a plasma warhead which sprays 25 damage over a 40 foot crater. Press button.  Watch enemies go boom.  
3) CR-10 Short Range Rocket Launcher (2): Varies / - / 5 BGB x3 
Not quite the city blaster that the CR-6 is, but it's no wimpy Mini-missile launcher either.  And a mini-missile launcher ain't wimpy.  
4) CR-20 Mini Missile Turret: Varies / - / 20 
This little puppy, centered in the stomach of the UAR-1 is full burst capable, and can pretty much pepper your foes with big, nasty explosions.  
5) CR-2T Laser Turrets (2): 12/ - / Unlimited.  BGB x3 
This is the original Both Guns Blazing setup for robots.  You can shoot one laser.  You can shoot the other laser.  Or you can line up both puppies, and blaze twin merciless destruction on your weakling foes, watching them fill with holes. 
The Urban Assault Robot.  The current UAR-1 Enforcer has been in the service for 20 years, but it sure as heck ain't an antique.  In fact, this old soldier still manages to make blood run cold when it comes stomping through a forest like some armored King Kong.  'Course, if King Kong were built with the firepower of this baby, the US Army Air Force would have tasted asphalt, Fay Wray would be hanging off his jock, and New York would be called Kongtown. Kreegah-tarmangani!

CR-003 Spider Skull Walker
Crew: 2, with room for 6 passengers. 
BOD:14, TGH:16, Move:8, Dodge:-3 
Wound Points: 35/50
Weapons Systems: 
1)  C-100R Spider Rail Guns (2): 23 / - / 250 
Sorry, no Both Guns Blazing for this weapons system.  And this is a good thing.  You want to be smacked with two of these at once from one enemy?  
2) CR-4T Laser Turrets (2): 16 / - / Unlimited. 
There's one mounted on the chin of the skull, there's one on the top of the skull.  They turn around 360 degrees like Linda Blair's head, except instead of pea-green soup they're spitting, it's green lasers so scary they make YOU pee. 
Sure, it's only got six legs where a real spider has 8.  But it's a huge skull on legs, man!  It's got two rail guns poking out its ears!  And it comes in one basic color: Black.  You gonna squabble over only 6 legs for your big Spider?  The Daytona Spider only had 4 wheels and no rail guns.  Now shut up and eat your maypo!  Note... though bigger and nastier than the UAR, it dodges better too.

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