Feng Psionics!  This ties in to Doug W's RiftShui conversion, but can be used as a "stand alone" aspect of the game... an added morsel even if you don't go for the Rifts universe. :)    
Dig in folks... and have fun.

Psi is an aspect of Chi, which is also very much tied into a Character's Willpower.  In most characters, you probably won't even see much of a difference.  In others, it WILL be noticed.

Psi is burned like Fu.  You can spend up to your Psi attribute per sequence.  You can also spend Psi or Chi from the next sequence to fuel one big schtick (like Tranimal Rats do with Lurk... they spend 1 chi from their next turn, which most notably does limit their abilities with other Tranimal powers).

There are 3 types of characters who use Psionics:  Minor, Major and Master Psychics.

A Minor Psychic (Psi = 2) will have 2 - 3 sub-schticks.  No matter how powerful that one sub-schtick is, he's still a minor player.  His Psi Value, starting out is 2, which limits the effectiveness of his power to one or at best two Psi actions per turn.

A Major Psychic (Psi = 5) will have three sub-schticks of two different schticks.  As such, he can use more powers, more often.  He has 5 Psi to spend per turn. (Roughly equivalent to an Ex-Special Forces with 4 Fu.)

A Master Psychic (Psi = 8) is deadly.  The previous two only use the subschticks of the PK, ESP, and Regenerative (Physical, Sensitive and Healing) schticks.  Master Psychics have their own special classes, and have the ability to access Master Psionic powers, like Pyrokinesis or Bio-Manipulation. Master Psychics can also be for Rifts Dog Boys, Psi Stalkers, Bursters, what have you.  Some can translate quite well to Feng Shui, and Feng Shui seems quite open to some of their own unique characters like the Psychic Scrappy Kid, the Psi-Soldier (Ex-Special Forces), and the Psi-Cop (Magic Cop redux, a la Scanner Cop).

Mental Powers Skill 
Physical Ability:  
You have the ability to use your special mental powers at a whim.  You can concentrate and utilize your Chi in various methods.  Some abilities give you the power to dodge or parry hand to hand, magic or ranged attacks, and your Psi skill can be used to resist the effects of other Psi powers against you, rather than pure willpower.  As well, this skill also can be used as a resistance value for Fu, Creature, Arcanowave and Sorcery  powers which affect the Mind, such as Dominate, Bellow, Influence or Agony Grenade. In mental combat, even if you don't have telepathy yourself, when you're under attack or attacking, you use your Mental Powers Skill as your combat AV, and your Willpower as your Strength and Toughness attribute.  Damage in mind-to- mind combat, barring a specific telepathic attack power, is Willpower + 1. 
You know how psychic powers work, what types of psychic powers there are, and famous psychics.  You know the methods of meditation, and how to spot the differences between Psi abilities and Tranimal Powers, Sorcery and other seemingly Psi abilities. 
You know other psychics, scientists and parapsychologists involved in psychic studies, con-men and women who use "hocus pocus", gypsies, and other types who show psychic potential, interest in the supernatural, or use scams using real or imagined supernatural abilities.  Chances are, you also know a few REAL ghosts and spirits as well. 
Each of the following three Schticks utilizes the same theory as the Blast sorcery Schtick.  You're allotted a certain amount of Sub-Schticks per level of Psychic you are.  Each sub-schtick has a seperate Psi cost for each use, and some powers duplicate themselves between the three.  Pick and choose wisely.

ESP is the special sensitivity to the universe as a whole via your Psionic Perceptions.  You also have the ability to communicate in non-verbal manners across great distances, anticipate dangers, and detect strong Chi forces.
Astral Projection  Psi: 2
You're able to seperate your mind from your body and send it away from you a distance equal to your Psi rating in miles.  However, you're just a mind... you can't even smack a Ghost except if you use telepathic combat.  However, other Astrally Projected beings can trap you and the Sorcery Summoning Schtick can trap, capture, or dispel you, leaving your body SOL.  
Clairvoyance  Psi: 1
You're able to get impressions from a distance equal to your Psi rating in miles.  You get "glimpses" of images, or snatches of sound, rarely very clear.  As well, you can use this to get the same half-images and sounds of the future or past for double the Psi cost.  GM's feel free to be vague, but not to the point of utter frustration of your players.  
Empathy Psi: 1
You can, without alerting your target or engaging in heavy concentration, gleam the EMOTIONS of your target.  Usefull for determining if someone's telling the truth or about to attack in most cases.  Other Psychics, and particularly cool and controlled Killers and Spies (Willpower 8 or more) can keep even their emotions from being read.  
Intuitive Combat  Psi: 2
By not using other Mental Powers during the turn AT ALL, the character can use his Mental Powers AV as his Martial Arts Skill.  
Mind Block: Psi: 1
Add +5 to your Mental Powers dodge/parry value.  
Object Read Psi: 2
Make a Mental Powers Action check to get glimpses, images, and impressions about an object or area, especially concerning it's previous use.  
Presence Sense Psi: 1
You can sense the presence of other, normal beings, and their exact numbers around you.  Usefull for when you think you're alone in the house... and you're not.  
See Aura Psi: 2
You may read the Chi Rating of another character, what kind of Chi they have, and if they've been affected by magic, psi, or posession.  
See the Invisible Psi: 1
You may use your Mental Powers as the AV to resist Invisibility schticks like Lurk or Influence.  
Sense Evil Psi: 1
You can sense evil supernatural creatures, or the evil intent of a character providing they're currently thinking about the evil they're to perform while you're looking.  
Sense Magic Psi: 1
You may sense Magic energies and pinpoint them when they're being used.  
Sixth Sense Psi: 1
Sixth Sense is always active until something sets it off, unless you're out of Psi.  It only works for the first round of combat if you come under attack (you can't initiate combat), and it grants the psychic a +3 on initiative, and a +1 to Dodge Values.  
Telepathy: Psi: 1
Allows mental communication, can be used for mental combat, and by spending an additional Psi point, can "pluck" a thought from an unsuspecting character.  Can be resisted by Mind Block.   

Psychokinesis is the ability to alter the environment, and to many degrees, your own self.  Note... most powers here SEEM like they could be regenerative powers, but Regenerative Powers are mostly external.
Alter Aura  Psi: 1
You can conceal your Chi rating, or use your aura to make you seem less powerful in other ways.   
Death Trance Psi: 1
You can appear dead as a doornail, with near zero heartbeat and no breathing.  Great for hiding out from a massacre, or surviving trips with limited oxygen, like in a casket.   
Ectoplasm Psi: 2 or 3
You create an invisible, and very weak field of ectoplasm for 2 points which has a limited strength (maximum lift 4 pounds). Good for closing doors, "phantom typing," etc..  For one more Psi point, you can make the ectoplasm visible, like an eerie cloud or disembodied hand. However, anything that cuts between you and the ectoplasm literally cuts you off, and whatever's being done stops (and usually falls and breaks.)  
Ectoplasmic Disguise Psi: 3
You can create a somewhat flimsy disguise.  One wound point starts showing your true features through.  You cannot change your height or weight appearance, but ectoplasm is much more convincing than a couple oranges stuffed into a brassierre for looking female, or more endowed. However, your voice doesn't change.  The disguise also disguises your clothes.   
Impervious to Cold and Fire  Psi: 2
You do not suffer in extremely hot or cold conditions, and you only take half damage fro Fu or Sorcery powered flame attacks.  Real flame does no harm.   
Impervious to Poisons and Toxins Psi: 1
Just the thing to negate that arsenic in the tea you just drank, or to prevent food poisoning in yourself.   
Levitation Psi: varies
You can lift things straight up and down, especially yourself.  Small objects up to 20 pounds use 1 Psi point.  Lifting your own body takes roughly 5 Psi points, given you're 200 pounds.   
Mind Block Psi: 1
Add +5 to your Mental Powers Dodge value.   
Resist Fatigue, Hunger and Thirst Psi: 3
You are able to consume only a minimum of food and water for up to 60 days, and three hours of sleep a night.  3 Psi must be spent per day.  When you stop spending the Psi points per day... you'd better have a big buffet table, a keg, and a soft cozy bed ready, IN THAT ORDER.   
Summon Inner Strength Psi: 1
Your Constitution and Toughness increase by 1 point per turn that the Psi is spent.   
Telekinesis: Psi: varies
You can lift and throw things around, or maneuver them with deftness and ability.  There are no tendrils or clouds to be linked to you.   You can lift 2 pounds with 1 Psi point, 20 pounds with 2 Psi points, and +50 pounds for every Psi point over that.     
Telekinetic Boost Psi: 2
Use your Mental Powers AV as your Strength AV for lifting things, or add +2 to your Movement or Strength for the purposes of leaps, punches, kicks, or pushing.   

You have the ability to alter cellular structures to the point of fighting diseases, closing wounds, or ejecting toxins.  Most of these work on other people.
Bio Regeneration Psi: 1
Make a Mental Powers check against the number of wound points you've suffered.  The Outcome is the number of points you've healed.   
Deaden Pain Psi: 1
You can elliminate the sensory feedback caused by physical damage, tho regeneration is another ability. A very usefull ability to keep your gutshot buddy from yelling out when you're hiding out from mob hitmen, and squirming around when you have to dig that bullet out.   
Detect Psionics Psi: 2
You are able to not only detect psi in your patient, but also so see if he's being affected by other psi powers.   
Exorcism Psi: 2
You can remove the taint of the supernatural from a victim, be it Arcanowave mutation, posession.  Make a Mental Powers check.  If you're curing mutation, difficulty is the Mutation point total, or the AV of the cause of the taint.  In an unwilling subject, it lasts Outcome sequences.  In a willing subject, the effect is permanent.   
Healing Touch Psi:2
As per Bio Regeneration, except you're doing it to other people..  
Induce Healing  Psi: 2
Make a Mental Powers check vs the number of points beyond Death Check.  If successfull, the Outcome of your task is added to that character's AV to resist Snuffing it.   
Induce Sleep Psi: 1
You are able to put a willing subject into a deep sleep where they can recover more quickly, or you can perform surgery on them. Unwilling victims are Willpower +5 in difficulty to put to sleep, but when you nail them, they're out for Outcome rounds.  Perfect for making snoozing mooks, mind you.   
Psychic Diagnosis Psi: 1
You are able to determine the extent of wounds, poisonings, or diseases.  This power MUST be used before Purification or Surgery.   
Psychic Purification Psi: 2
You can halt the effects of drugs, toxins, and diseases, and purge them from a body.  Difficulty is the AV of the Creature Power or Sorcery power, or use the normal scale for diseases.   
Psychic Surgery Psi: 3
Without tools, and with minimal blood loss, you can root around to remove tumors, bullets, arrowheads, broken swords and knives, or shrapnel from your buddies.  A perfect way to relax after a long day of battling the Lodge or the Buro, and a great way to collect used bullets for souveniers, lead sculptures, or to reload them into your own guns and return to their senders.  This doesn't heal damage, although it does put you in range of a ruptured artery or organ to use Healing Touch to repair such wounds.   
Resist Fatigue  Psi 1
You can do without sleep for long, long hours.  

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