RIFTShui Archetypes

Hatchling Dragon

Fire Dragon

Quote: "I'll never figure out how we lived for so long among you humans. Maybe my grandparents were really heavily into drugs..."

You're a baby dragon.  A week, a month, a year old, and you're ready to take on the world.  But, you see, even though a Scrappy Kid might know more about what happened last Christmas, you're 20 tons, 50 feet long, and can spit a burst of flame which can melt power armor like lead figurines.  And, in the world of RIFTShui, you're having the time of your life.

Body:10-12 (Base:10 [Max:=12]),  Chi:4-8 (Base: 4), Mind:6-8 (Base:6),  Reflexes:6-8 (Base:6)

Divide 6 points among Primary Attributes. Add +1 to 1 Secondary Attribute.

Martial Arts (+7) = 13
Sorcery: (+5) 9 (Max: 13)
Creature Powers (+10)= 14
Info: (Your Choice: +4) 10
Info: (Your Choice: +2) 8

Add 6 Skill Bonuses.(Note: Can Select Psionics, Guns, or any skills, but is generally looking for skills to help it further explore the world.)

Blast (Fire), Flight, Transform, Select Two Sorcery Schticks.

Note: For FS, we'll assume that Transform is to one human or humanoid form which the Dragon likes and is of unlimited duration.  His physical attributes are unchanged, he can fly, but he can now fit into normal rooms, doesn't cause panic in the streets, and isn't attacked by the nearest Coalition troops.


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