I felt like contributing something beyond, "cool, can't comment on the mechanics." So I took two characters from a favorite comic book and set them up as starting PCs. Note that although _Leave it to Chance_ is a comic book, you don't have to interpret Chance and Georgie as superheroes; they've got more in common with Nancy Drew or Johnny Quest, and as such could fit into a normal Feng Shui game. However they do live in a version of the modern world where magic is common  (everyone knows goblins live in the sewers for example), so you'd have to twist the background a little or else arrange a critical shift. 

created by James Robinson and Paul Smith.
Stats are as per Oct 1997
Chance Falconer  
Scrappy Kid  

"You should have been there. There were bumps and creaks and people drugged and falling gargoyles. And that was just the start of it. I had to investigate."  

Bod 4, Chi 7, Mnd 8, Ref 9  

Brawling:12, Deceit:10, Detective:10, Info/Devil's Echo:13,  Info/Libraries:12, Info/Literature:11, Info/Family Hovercar:10(She knows how to pilot this one vehicle, but probably couldn't perform any stunts.),Info/Magical World:12,  Intrusion:10,  

Unique Schticks:  

1) Chance can make a distracting attack that does no damage but causes 3 points of Impairment for a number of shots equal to her Outcome. This Impairment can't be increased by further distraction attacks.  

2) Chance's Dodge Action Value is always 2 more than her Martial Arts (Brawling) value.  

Wealth Level: Poor (The Falconer family is rich, but any attempt to tap that wealth for adventuring will alert Chance's father to what she's doing.)  

(I took a skill bonus away from Martial Arts to make it Brawling, and traded in the Scrappy Kid's fu schticks for another skill bonus, pooling the two to give Chance Detective at +2. The Info skills might be too heavy on the investigative stuff, but we don't know much yet about Chance's hobbies.) 

Chance Falconer is the heir to the proud tradition of the Falconers, the family sworn to defend the city of Devil's Echo from paranormal threats. At least that's what she thinks. Her father has other ideas. A noble but traditional man, Lucas Falconer has decided to skip a generation and train Chance's first _male_ child to follow in his footsteps. Chance loves her father but knows he's being wrongheaded. When danger crosses her path she plunges in to investigate, to keep innocent people safe and, just maybe, to change her father's mind. 

Georgie the Dragon 
Supernatural Creature 


Bod 5, Chi 1 (Mag 8), Mnd 4 (Per 6), Ref 10 

Creature Powers:15, Martial Arts:12,  Intrusion:11, Tracking:8 

Blast (Flame - 10 pts), Flight x 3(Mov 14), Transformation (Not really a power in this case, but an acknowledgment that Georgie isn't considered horrifying by casual observers; they think he's cute, something which by the usual rules he couldn't manage without this schtick.) 

Limitation: Can't be healed by doctors except those trained in magical techniques. 

Wealth: Poor 


Georgie (after "Saint George") was a cat-sized extradimensional dragon captured by Lucas Falconer. Although the dragon was apparently harmless, it didn't belong in Devil's Echo. Unfortunately the transition between dimensions might kill it, but there was, Lucas reasoned, nothing else to do. His daughter Chance reasoned otherwise and impulsively freed the dragon, who out of gratitude saved Chance from a gang of supernatural thugs not long after. The two have been a team ever since. Georgie does not speak, but seems to have a strong, if impulsive, intelligence.

-adapted by Chris Willrich

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