Mike Mignola's Hellboy Hellboy on the prowl

Magic Cop/Big Bruiser

Bod: 11 (Tough:12) Chi: 2 (Mag: 8)  Mind: 7   Ref: 5

Guns: 8, Info/Occult: 14, Intimidation: 11, Martial Arts: 12, Police: 13, Sabotage: 11

Signature Weapon: Stone Right Hand,
Techie Schtick of having the right item on hand for 1 Fortune point.

Passive Dodge: 12
Active Dodge: 15

Punch (left fist): 12, Kick: 13, Stone Fist: 14, Desert Eagle .50 12/2/7+1

Hecate: ...{Y}ou and I, alone, forever in the dark--
Hellboy: Shut up!  Not Gonna happen... 'cause you're very, very, very ugly...and...you have a GIANT SNAKE BODY!

His origin, in comic formBackground:
The World's Greatest Paranormal Investigator, he was born in hell of the illicit affair between a priest and a nun, and summoned to earth by Rasputin as a harbinger of the release of a great mythical beast, the Dragon, the Seven who are One, but instead, Hellboy has decided that he'd rather live his own life.  Since then, he's been involved in two fever pitched battles with Rasputin to prevent the Dragon's release, fought Hitler himself twice (once as a cyborg, once as a brain implanted into a glass jar casing over a gorilla's head), ended a 780 year old curse, and  battled a pair of living homunculi in Almost Colossus.


Hellboy: A Plague of Frogs; The official web site for Mike Mignola's Hellboy

Adaptation by Douglas P. Wojtowicz, who is merely Heckboy.
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