The Dragon (no real name known) 
created by Erik Larsen

 "And incidentally, yes, that hurt like hell." (TSD #36)
 Both Guns Blazing, Dragon style
Body: 8 (Tgh: 10, Str: 12, Move: 12) Chi: 5 (Mag:8)
Mind: 6 (Int:7) Ref: 7

Creature Powers:15, Guns:13, Martial Arts:14, Info:Pop Music:9, Info:Literature:11 (Dragon doesn't seem to read a lot of comics, but had a truckload of novels in his apartment), Info: Paranormal:10, Info:Streetwise:10, Police:13 (Dragon is a full-fledged member of the Chicago Police Department, so the Detective skill was shunted in favor of this).

Hideous Strength, Prodigious Move (Leaps), Regeneration, Damage Immunity:Bullets, Damage Immunity:Fire, Inevitable Comeback x 1, Death Resistance: x3, Damage Immunity:Domination (see Conditional De-escalation.)

Conditional De-Escalation: Bladed weapons reduce Dragon's Tough to 5, and his Regeneration does not affect these wounds.  Blades, claws and other sharp and pointy things can cause injuries which could put him down for good, or at least delay his regeneration and inevitable comeback. Also, the Dragon can become immune to mind control after being exposed to the mental powers of an enemy for a period of time.  Unfortunately, the Dragon, while first controlled, is still fully a puppet for the first continuous mind control session, with all the damage that will come from the control of going on a rampage with Hideous Strength, Bullet and Fire Immunity.

Sense of Power: Due to the Dragon's enormously efficient metabolism, his sight and hearing are sharper than normal.  Also, if there's a crossover to another comic book company's characters, his fin starts to itch.

Gun Schticks: Carnival of Carnage x2, Both Guns Blazing, Eagle Eye X 2.
Uzi: 10/3/32+1, Revolver: 9/2/6, Punch: 13, Kick: 14.

Discoverred in a burning field with no memory of where he came from, the Dragon eventually opted to become a Chicago Police officer, a job he was physically and psychologically well suited for.  His primary enemies, that he knows of, have been a well organized and cunning group of superfreaks (possibly including Supernatural Creatures, Ghosts, Big Bruisers, and Abominations) called the Vicious Circle, and an extremely nasty and powerful ghost named the Fiend.  As a no-nonsense cop, the Dragon will definately get along well with Karate Cops, Private Detectives who work well with police, and others who follow the law.  Conversely, the Dragon has no compunctions about shutting down Maverick Cops if they get too many bystanders shot up, and has a decidedly arms length view towards Masked Avengers.


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Adapted by Douglas P. Wojtowicz, who was giddy with excitement when he saw his letter in issue 36 of the Savage Dragon, yee-hah!
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