Mike Allred's 
Frank Einstein, A Not-so-Everyday Hero  

"Meanies never win. And you can quote me on that."  

Bod 7, Chi 0(For 10), Mnd 6(Will 7, Cha 5), 
Ref 6(Agl 7) 

Driving:10, Fix-It:10, Guns:7, Info/Comic Books: 13, Info/Toys and Novelty Items:14, Info/Philosophy: 11, Info/Science: 14, Martial Arts: 13 

Lucky Bastard: Fortune Dice Spent do not reduce Fortune rating for Fortune Checks, 

This'll Do: Gain +1 AV with an improvised weapon, 

Signature Weapon: Yo-Yo 

Adapted by Douglas P. Wojtowicz, namdam! 

Unique Schick: Divination 
  Using Frank's Fortune rating as his AV, he can make one Divination action per game session, but the following must happen: Frank must touch the person and then he will be able to use any one of the three Divination schticks.  This can either happen as GM Fiat, or it can occur willingly, as Frank also used to run a Psychic Service before his insecurities made him hide behind a costume. 

Punch :8, Kick: 9, Yo-yo (hollowed out Duncan loaded with lead):11, Slingshot: 7,Toy Disc Gun: 2. 

A corpse reanimated by the good Doctor Boiffard, Frank Einstein was a clean slate, granted often unpredictable psychic powers, and a high level of intelligence. However, several things conspired to make Frank's life harder. One: he was a reanimated and reconstructed corpse (and thus, not very handsome), Two: Doctor Boiffard was killed by a madman seeking immortality, and Three: his self-doubts and insecurity drove him to hide behind the costume of Mr. Excitement. In a desperate adventure to find Dr.Gillespie Flem and revive Doctor Boiffard, and rescue his true love Joe, he found in himself a sense of heroism and goodness that shone through his corpse-like face, and became a true hero. 


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