Hawkman (Carter Hall) 
Masked Avenger 

Body: 8, Chi: 0 (For: 9), Mind: 7 (Cha:10), Ref: 9 

 Detective: 15,  Fix-It: 12, Guns (Ancient Ranged Weapons) 14, Info: Anthropology: 13, Info: Archeology: 13, Info: Science: 9, Intimidation:15 (+3 vs. Mooks), Leadership 15, Martial Arts: 16 

Signature Weapon: Mace, Signature Weapon: Crossbow, Eagle Eye x2, Hair Trigger Neck Hairs x2, Lightening Reload x3. 

Masked Avenger Unique Schticks:  
Mook Intimidation  and Derring-Do. 

Special Gadget Schtick: 
Wing Pack and Flight Belt:  Carter Hall discoverred the ancient egyptian secrets of anti-gravity metal (used to build the pyramids) and has fashioned a fearsome costume with powerfull wings.  He can fly at Movement 12, and the huge wings can protect him from harm as per an Active Dodge (must wrap wings around himself.  Drawback is that he cannot fly while protected by the cocoon of his wings). 

Weapons & Damage: 
Punch:9, Kick:10, Crossbow 11/4/1, Mace: 15

Carter Hall was an archeologist who in the late 1930's discoverred an ancient tomb and discoverred that he was the reincarnation of an ancient pharoah.  Fashioning a set of powerful wings and an anti-gravity belt for himself, Carter Hall went forth to battle evil in the form of The Hawkman, as was his heritage.  A legendary hero, Hawkman became the leader of the first team of super heroes called the Justice Society, and years later, when a new call to arms was sounded, he  was a founding member of the Justice League of America. Hawkman was a master of all ancient weaponry, but preferred the mace and the crossbow as his major weapons to combat crime.  Of these, Hawkman's absolute favorite was the mace, as the big man's favorite tactic was to fly right in swinging a big honking hunk of metal around.  To add to his stature as a hero (as if a 44 inch bare naked chest wasn't impressive enough), he fashioned several fearsome and extremely predatory masks to strike terror into the hearts of criminals.

Adapted by Douglas P. Wojtowicz, who, if anything, would rather be Hawkman than Batman any day of the week, despite his fear of heights.

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